Dermott McCann The Political Economy of the European Union

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Dermott McCann The Political Economy of the European Union


Chapter One examines the role of institutions in governing capitalist systems. How effective have been its strategies of... The core business of the European Union is the creation of an integrated European market. Chapter Two explores the evolution of the EU?s liberal ambition over the last five decades. What sort of restructuring has it sought to achieve? How great a challenge do EU policies present to national practices? This book introduces students to the fundamentals of European Union policy towards these national political economic governance institutions and the challenges arising from this evolving relationship. of capitalism, many of which are marked by a heavy reliance on non–market institutions to govern and co–ordinate economic activity. The scale of this project is enormous, covering a wide variety of national ‘models? Subsequent chapters then analyse the development of EU policy in relation to the governance of product, financial and labour markets.

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